Cart Storage & Trail Fees


Onsite cart storage is available to paid annual and league-only members who own an SCC Membership Certificate. Ask us for more details about how you can obtain a certificate.

Cart storage & course use fees: Trail fees:
Basement storage for any cart:       $200/yr.*
Shed storage for electric cart:         $150/yr.*
Shed storage for gas cart:              $120/yr.*
Off course trail fee: $100/yr.*
or   $10/day*
A limited number of carts are also available onsite and can be rented on a
per-use basis. See more about golf cart rental.

*Current sales tax rate will be applied to these fees.

Please Note: Cart shed space requires a Membership Certificate ($300) and a paid membership. If you choose to rent a storage space, it is your responsibility to make sure your golf cart & other items left in the cart sheds are insured. Syracuse Country Club is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.